2012-10-20 Inina Vision Pricing List.pdf 2012-10-20 Inina Vision Pricing List.pdf
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 Offer Instructions:

1) Choose your offer

2) Specify using the box provided above the PayPal button. Please use the following product codes.

          Pink / Turquoise (2-Tone)   =   PT

          Tortoise Shell   =   TS

          Black / Transparent (2-Tone)   =   BT

          Red Stripe   =   RS

          Brown Stripe   =   BRS

          Black Stripe   =   BLS

          Now add the magnification you desire to the product codes of your choice. Please follow the example above.

                    BLS2.0 , TS3.5 , PT1.0

          For details on available magnifications and designs please see the document below.

3) Click on the PayPal button and proceed to checkout.